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Please everyone try to be more active mostly the once who are in the war the war will start soon have fun and enjoy and dotn forget to finish the tournament matches!

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 DDA Official rules!

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Yami Yugi

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PostSubject: DDA Official rules!   Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:47 pm

1. No pornography of any kind, will not be tolerated, banned immediately or severe deduction of DC!
2. Please no cursing, otherwise you will be required to PM us a long list of curse words for the censoring list!
3. Less spamming please, we'd like our forum clean.
4. No whining, etc. about moderating powers. I've had some encounter with one person who did this and I was not happy! He demoted me from administration position at another forum twice!
5. Please be polite.
6. Have fun talk all you want and eat a beanbag.
7. Do not host any events, such as a tourney or GFX competition without an Admin's permission!
8. Do not discuss religion in your posts as it may offend some.
9. Keep personal drama out of the forum, if you have a problem with someone, PM an Admin or argue somewhere else!
10. Do not use racial/sexual slurs, they're offensive.
11. Do NOT harass people on this forum, nor on any of the DDA Hamachi Networks! Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be punished accordingly!
12. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts unless there is a good reason for it in which you are supposed to PM an Admin first. If the multiple accounts has not been approved of the owner of the accounts will PM an Admin choosing which one he/she would like to keep and the other accounts will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.
13. Advertising is STRICTLY forbidden. This includes both on the academy site and any hamachi networks associated with this academy, which includes tournament hamachis, and Dorm Room Hamachis. Failure to abide by this rule will result in an immediate ban for 3 days.
14. Signatures: No extremely large signatures shall be used. We suggest you use 400 x 400, and no more than two signature/banners. The size limit for your entire signature is half the page length!

15)Only the Dorms leader,moderators and administrators can creat a tournaments!

That's all!


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Is the best duel academy dont forget to check it out!
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DDA Official rules!
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