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Please everyone try to be more active mostly the once who are in the war the war will start soon have fun and enjoy and dotn forget to finish the tournament matches!

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 How to host with hamachi!

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Yami Yugi

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PostSubject: How to host with hamachi!   Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:45 pm

Well if your here you probably need help with Hamachi.
Hosting and joining are two different things so we'll cover both.
As always download Hamachi here:
It is how you host with KCVDS.

To host with Hamachi:
Click the triangle on the bottom of your Hamachi window.
Click ''Create Network''
Create any network just remember the name and password.
After that, in the Lobby chat give out your newly created network and password.
You can have people join this network and that is the person you will duel.

On KCVDS, after you get someone in your network:
Click '"Create Duel''
On the top of your Hamachi window you see a number such as: '''' or something like it. Replace the IP in the KCVDS box with your Hamachi IP as said, located on top of the Hamachi window.
Click the drop down window and select ''HAM.''

Then, have the person in your network join your game.

You are allowed up to 16 members in your network. You may duel other people in other networks you are in.

Joining a HAM Game:To join a Hamachi game, see if anyone is putting their Hamachi network and password in the KCVDS chat.
Go to the triangle at the bottom of the Hamachi window and this time, click ''Join Network.''
Enter the person's HAM information, network and password.
After that, wait until the person creates a game, and join it.


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How to host with hamachi!
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